What "combination" vaccines are offered?

There are several "combination" vaccinations available.  The most common combination vaccine is the "3-in-one" or "E/W/T" which is the Eastern/Western Encephalitis vaccine plus Tetanus vaccine.  We also carry a "4-in-one" or "E/W/T/I" which adds the injectable Influenza, and the "5-in-one" or "E/W/T/R/I" which adds the Rhino vaccine.   There is also a "2-in-one" which is the Rhino vaccine plus the injectable Influenza. 

Keep in mind that giving many vaccinations at once can increase the strain on your horse's immune system.  Giving a 5-in-one vaccine, plus Rabies and West Nile Virus vaccines at the same time increases the chance for inappetance/dullness, mild colic, neck stiffness or emergence of an underlying syndrome - after all, that's 7 vaccines at one time!  Therefore, we recommend that spring vaccinations ideally be broken up into two appointments; we will generally give the E/W/T combination and a Rabies vaccination on the first visit, and then come back in 2-3 weeks and give the Rhino, Intranasal Flu and West Nile Virus vaccine.  This of course is a generalization, and you should consult with a veterinarian to determine the best schedule for your horse and farm.