Henderson Equine Clinic has gone Digital!

We've changed management software!  If you call the office you may notice you're being asked to provide your e-mail address and if you would prefer all of your clinical summaries and invoices to be e-mailed rather than mailed!


Beginning December 2017 we switched to a cloud based management and record system, which allows us to keep updated records, histories, and contact information in the cloud and to view it on any device that has access to the internet.  All lab work and reports automatically upload from the referral laboratories directly into your horse's record, and can be sent on to your e-mail address with the click of a button!

The doctors will now have access to a patient's complete history, past records of any treatments or problems, and previous appointment summaries all on-site while seeing the patient. 

Our records are now more detailed than ever as we can add pictures and videos right into the individual clinical record.  We now have the ability to e-mail indepth records, summaries, and treatment plans as well as financial statements and receipts digitally, providing faster and more efficient comminication between the clinic staff and our clients. 

We love the ability to stay in closer contact with our clients!

Stay tuned for additional updates as we fine tune our use of this great software! (Client portals for accessing your horse's clinical records are in the works!)