Our Routine Veterinary Medicine service includes; physical examinations, ocular and dental examinations and care, vaccinations, and laboratory testing such as coggins tests, fecal egg counts, routine blood work, tick borne or infectious disease titers.  In addition, we place microchips, write interstate and Canadian health certificates, and perform prepurchase and wellness examinations as well as a variety of other veterinary services required to promote the best possible health for our patients. 

Our physical and wellness examinations provide a chance for us to evaluate your horses health in light of your facilities and equine management.  From there, we can make recommendations to improve their overall health or to prevent potential problems from occurring.  For example, deworming and vaccination schedules are not "one size fits all".   Depending upon a facilities parasite population and horse numbers the deworming program will vary.  Similarly, a horses use and risk factors (age, travel, showing or being exposed to incoming animals) determine what vaccination protocols are required.  All of this, in conjunction with the horses state of health at the time of the exam, is taken into account and individual vaccination and deworming protocols are discussed as well as any potential problems we see that may be arising.  From there, we will develop an individual management plan to facilitate optimal health for your animals.   

To keep your horse in the best health possible, we recommend at least once yearly (ideally biannual) wellness examinations.  These examinations can be scheduled with your annual appointments for spring vaccinations or fall dental care.  During these wellness examinations we often identify problems before they become major issues.  Additionally, if your horse becomes ill, they provide us with a history of his normal base line parameters.  Comparing these to his immediate parameters will enable us to better determine the severity of his illness or injury.  Although not considered a routine veterinary service, emergency coverage is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case your animals become ill or injured. 

For your next vaccine appointment, ask to add on a Wellness Exam at the same time - your horse will thank you!

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