We offer Mare Reproduction Management Services in addition to offering Stallion Collection Services.

Our clinic has a full laboratory attached to our indoor collection shed, allowing the collection of stallions in all weather. The collection shed includes a padded Montana Westwood phantom and tease wall and chute for training and collecting stallions of varying libido.

We offer mare and small ruminant (sheep and goat) Artificial Insemination utilizing fresh chilled or frozen semen.

 Mare Reproduction and Neonatal Management services include on farm or in clinic:

  • Rectal Ultrasound tracking of Estrus Cycle and Pregnancy
  • Uterine Culture and/or Lavage
  • Artificial Insemination
  • Hormonal Management
  • Neonatal Care and Examinations
  • Foal IgG Testing on Farm
  • Placental and Post Partum Mare Examinations
  • Breeding Soundness Examination

Stallion Services Offered are:

  • Stallion Phantom Collection Training with or without Boarding
  • Stallion Collection
  • Shipping Fresh Chilled Semen
  • Semen Evaluation
  • Breeding Soundness Evaluations

Stallions to be collected will need a current year coggins and a current year negative Equine Viral Arteritis test, preferably performed by Henderson Equine Clinic; or proof of previous negative test and vaccination certificate if vaccinated against EVA.

Training to the Phantom will be done by appointment only beginning the second week of January, with haul in or boarding options available.

Henderson Equine Clinic is available to collect semen for shipping March 1st, 2017.

Planned collection days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons. 24-hour notice is preferred.   


In clinic boarding stalls within our heated treatment area allows both mares and stallions to be safely boarded during breeding season.  Custom stall fronts allow for close monitoring and excellent air flow, with Thorobed mattresses for comfort.

Stocks for artificial insemination are located in the treatment area away from the breeding shed to avoid any distraction to the stallions.

Stallions can be collected and mares bred via artificial insemination in clinic as an alternative to shipping costs or live cover.

Dr Dewar Breeding a Belgian Mare Using Fresh Chilled Semen