Preventative Medicine

Preventative Medicine includes vaccinations, routine dentistry (for horses), and wellness examinations.  For more information on Dentistry, see the above section. 

Like deworming schedules, vaccination protocols are not "one size fits all".  We will discuss your animal's risk factors (age, travel, showing or being exposed to incoming animals) and potential vaccine choices before coming up with a plan to keep your animals protected.   

To keep your horse in the best health possible, we recommend at least once yearly (ideally twice yearly) wellness examinations.  These examinations can be done at vaccine appointments.  During these routine appointments, we can often identify problems before they become major issues.  Additionally, if your horse becomes ill, we will have a better idea of "normal" for him if we have examined him routinely. 

For your next vaccine appointment, ask to add on a Wellness Exam at the same time - your horse will thank you!