Flock/Herd Health Evaluations

Annual flock/herd health evaluations are an ideal way to gain the viewpoint of an "extra pair of eyes" on your farm, maintain a legal veterinary/client/patient relationship, and stay up to date on any new veterinary/mangement research.

During a flock/herd health evaluation, animals body condition scores can be evaluated, FAMACHA scoring performed, pregnancy diagnosis if applicable, and health and management concerns or protocols can be discussed.  We can also decide on the best vaccination plan for your farm based on showing, exposure to new animals, or animal usage (milking does, pack llamas, etc).

Veterinary-Client-Patient relationships are legally required for a veterinarian to be able to prescribe or dispense many medications to your animals, as most medications used in small ruminants are extra-label.  This means that the drug is licensed for use in a different species than the one being treated, and the veterinarian must make an educated decision on dosage, length of administration, and meat or milk withdrawal.