Parasite Management/FAMACHA

Henderson Equine Clinic recommends "Targetted Deworming" which employs fecal egg counts to determine how your individual horse or farm needs to be managed. For years, veterinarians have recommended "Rotational Deworming" which simply rotates dewormers every 6 weeks or so throughout the year. The problem with this system is that most horses do not need to be dewormed this frequently. Like the overuse of antibiotics, overuse of dewormers can and have caused resistance in the population we are using them to control.
Fecal egg counts should also be used for deciding whether or not to deworm small ruminants. This is even more critical, as many of the dewormers currently being used have limited or NO effect in some populations. Based on previous deworming history, Fecal Egg Counts, and clinical signs we can make educated recommendations on deworming product choices, as well as if the animal needs to be dewormed at all.
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