The evaluation and treatment of the large animal eye is a unique field.  Horses have fairly sensitive eyes; a small ulcer that would heal without treatment in a cow or dog may blind a horse if left untreated.  We are prepared to examine and treat a variety of equine eye problems, including corneal ulcers, uveitis, glaucoma, and eyelid lacerations.

Alpaca/Llama eyes are similar to equine in their needs for immediate evaluation and treatment.  We are able to examine and assess your camelid's eyes in the field or in our in house treatment area.

Parasite Management/FAMACHA

Henderson Equine Clinic recommends "Targetted Deworming" which employs fecal egg counts to determine how your individual horse or farm needs to be managed. For years, veterinarians have recommended "Rotational Deworming" which simply rotates dewormers every 6 weeks or so throughout the year. The problem with this system is that most horses do not need to be dewormed this frequently. Like the overuse of antibiotics, overuse of dewormers can and have caused resistance in the population we are using them to control.
Fecal egg counts should also be used for deciding whether or not to deworm small ruminants. This is even more critical, as many of the dewormers currently being used have limited or NO effect in some populations. Based on previous deworming history, Fecal Egg Counts, and clinical signs we can make educated recommendations on deworming product choices, as well as if the animal needs to be dewormed at all.
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Emergency Services

Henderson Equine Clinic (and Small Ruminants!) has 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency coverage.  One of our goals is to prevent as many emergencies as possible. Our medical philosophy stresses preventative medicine. We recommend yearly physicals, vaccinations, and regular fecal evaluation and deworming for all your animals.

If you are wondering if your situation is a true emergency, it is best to call as soon as you discover the situation and discuss the matter with our veterinarians.

First Aid is important for every animal owner to know and understand. Bonny has spent the last few years authoring a book on equine first aid that should be available in late 2012

We understand that emergencies are stressful for all involved.  We pride ourselves on prompt, thorough and compassionate care at all times.  Please do not hesitate to call if you have concerns after regular business hours. 

Ambulatory Services

Henderson Equine Clinic has the capability of seeing your animals at your farm or boarding location for both routine and emergency appointments.

We are equipped with portable ultrasound, computed radiography, power dentistry, general surgical packs, preventative medicine supplies, lameness evaluation tools, general veterinary supplies. Our trucks are equipped to meet your needs at your stabling facility.

We look forward to treating your horses, sheep, goats, alpacas, and llamas at your farm!