Stallion Services

Henderson Equine Clinic is offering phantom training and collection and shipped semen services.  

Boarding for phantom collection training as well as routine Monday, Wednesday, Friday collection and shipping is available.

Montana Westwood Phantom

Montana Westwood Phantom

Phantom Training

Our experienced handlers and veterinarians gently teach young or inexperienced stallions to be collected on our padded phantom.  This removes the potential for injuries due to natural cover and allowes uninterrupted training and competition schedules during breeding season, as well as increasing availability of genetic material.

Missouri Artificial Vagina

Missouri Artificial Vagina

Semen Collection

Stallions are collected in our indoor breeding shed, and fresh chilled semen can be shipped any where in the country or used to breed mares in clinic.  All collections are evaluated for concentration, motility and morphology before being shipped.  Equitainers are available for purchase or rent.  

Eosin Nigrosin Stain for Morphology Evaluation

Eosin Nigrosin Stain for Morphology Evaluation

Semen Evaluation

Post collection longevity evaluation to determine the best breeding methods for each stallion as well as motility, morphology, and concentration evaluation are recommended for all stallions at the start of the breeding season as well as any time there are fertility concerns.

Health Requirements for Stallions

(current year testing required)

Negative Coggins (EIA) test

Negative Equine Arteritis Virus (EVA) testing


Proof of Negative EVA prior to EVA vaccination 


In clinic boarding stalls within our heated treatment area allows both mares and stallions to be safely boarded during breeding season.  Custom stall fronts allow for close monitoring and excellent air flow, with Thorobed mattresses for comfort.

Stocks for artificial insemination are located in the treatment area away from the breeding shed to avoid any distraction to the stallions.

Stallions can be collected and mares bred via artificial insemination in clinic as an alternative to shipping costs or live cover.